3D printed alloys: Highly strengthened material for space technology…

A recent breakthrough has been achieved in the development of alloys by 3D printing techniques which could possess high mechanical strength and are resistant towards oxidation.

To fulfill the ambitious desire of human beings in the field of exploration of space, high quality alloys are required which can sustain in harsh conditions says high temperatures and pressure.

A group of scientists from NASA and Ohio University has developed an ink by mixing of Cobalt, Nickel and Chromium particles added a dusting of Y2O3 powder in each layer during the material printing with 3D printer. In the 3D printing process, first printer prints a layer of metal alloys followed by Y2O3 layer. The laser has been used for heating which enforces the Y2O3 in metal alloys matrix. They have developed a nozzle of this alloys by 3D printing and called this GRX-810.

The strength of alloy has been tested by CREEP TEST in which material kept at temperature in the presence of heavy stress. The GRX-810 lasted 6.5k hour which is 650 times higher than alloys available at the current time. This kind of material developed by 3D printing methods open a door in the field of space technology.

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