3D Printing in Film Industry

3D printing technology is being used for decades in different film industries. I am sure that most of us who like action, science fiction etc. films have seen the movie “The Avengers, Black Panther, Star Wars, Venom etc.” I cannot write here all the movies here because it may be a little bit lengthy and boring.  I mean to say that all action-packed movies which have been made or are being made around the globe must have their unique style and very creative vision. And all these creativity and creative visions can be brought to life by making props. Yes, of course, it is possible. Thanks to 3D printing technology anyone can bring any creative Ideas to life by using this technology.

What is Film Prop?

A movie prop is any kind of object which can be used by the actor in the film and these objects can become the symbol and define the film. Sometimes, these objects have the ability to move the film forward also. These props are designed and created by the prop master of the property department.

Prop making using 3D printing

A most common type of 3D printer which is very popular among prop makers is developed by BCN3D, Zortrex, Markforged, Raise3D, Ultimaker etc. Because these printer makers offer desktop-size 3D printers with durability, affordability and sturdy equipment. Additionally, stereolithography-based 3D printers are also very popular among prop makers because they can print very fine and complex details in prototypes very accurately in various sizes. And there is no extra work needed after the printing of the product.

Oscar Award to 3D Printed Prop

Now, the Oscar awards have also recognized the 3D printed props under the best costume category and the best 3D printed prop award is given to “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. This movie used several 3D printed elements among them the iconic crown is very popular and is designed and manufactured by the selective laser sintering (SLS) method.

Source: Forbes

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