3D printing dental market is going to boom by 2030

When your cavity hearts, you consult a dentist. He suggests you that your tooth need to be implanted and you feel scared due to cost of tooth implants. Here is the solution, 3D printed implants with low cost could change the scenario in future. The 3D printing market is booming in various fields like energy, space, medicine, manufacturing transportation etc. In the latest report published by Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd., the dental 3D printing market is projected to reach 13.4B US dollar by 2030 worldwide. This 3D printing market is bifurcated in different segments like offering services systems & accessories, offering materials, applications, and geography. In 2023, the offering segment which includes the cost of printers and scanners and their accessories holds the largest share in 3D printing market of dental implants. 3D printing offers easy customization and designing of dental prosthetics or implants with high efficiency as well as on time delivery at low cost.

Role of 3D technologies in dental market

Now moving on technology segment i.e., vat photopolymerization is leading in 2023 than other technologies like poly-jet technology, fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering. Vat photopolymerization is fast process which offers high degree of precision, detailing and designing. In the various materials used as 3D printer ink, polymeric resins will capture the largest share in any other materials (metals, ceramics, plastics etc.). The resins can self-heal which will be highly effective for making high quality tooth implants. Apart from these, laboratories, hospitals and academic and research institutes share will also increase by the time in 3D printing. However dental laboratory share will be the highest as their will be high demand of dental prosthetics. The 3D printing implants are costlier now and hindering the application in the field of dentistry but in future there will be high chances to get low-cost products due to above reason

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