3D Printing in Film Industry

3D printing technology is being used for decades in different film industries. I am sure that most of us who like action, science fiction etc. films have seen the movie “The Avengers, Black Panther, Star Wars, Venom etc.” I cannot write here all the movies here because it may be a little bit lengthy and … Read more

3D printing dental market is going to boom by 2030

When your cavity hearts, you consult a dentist. He suggests you that your tooth need to be implanted and you feel scared due to cost of tooth implants. Here is the solution, 3D printed implants with low cost could change the scenario in future. The 3D printing market is booming in various fields like energy, … Read more

3D printed alloys: Highly strengthened material for space technology…

A recent breakthrough has been achieved in the development of alloys by 3D printing techniques which could possess high mechanical strength and are resistant towards oxidation. To fulfill the ambitious desire of human beings in the field of exploration of space, high quality alloys are required which can sustain in harsh conditions says high temperatures … Read more

New bio-ink for 3D bioprinting of organ

A new bio-ink have been developed by the group of researchers from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) which is biocompatible and biodegradable in nature. This bio-ink can be used for the development of artificial bio-organs by using 3D bioprinting technology which can be a hot cake for future space technology and research industry. … Read more

Thermal responsive building material for 3D printing

Recently, a group of researchers from institute of material research and engineering, Singapore, Wuhan university, China, University of technology, The Netherlands, soft matter rheology and technology, Belgium and the Chinese university of Hong Kong, Hong Kong have developed a novel building material using gelatin in cement material which can be used as cement paste in … Read more

First 3D Printed Seed Robot

A group of researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genoa, Italy, University di Torento and Queen Mary University of London have developed a 3D printed seed robot made from the biodegradable polymer material and named as I-Seed. The inspiration behind this innovation was the plant of the Geraniaceae family which has a great ability … Read more

Who Won the Red Dot and iF Design Award 2023

Snapmaker, a tech company that develops, designs, and manufactures 3D printers and also provides software solutions in 3D printing technology, has won the Red Dot design award and iF design award 2023 for their two products i.e., Snapmaker Artisan and Snapmaker J1. The award is given for the innovative design of the products. A total … Read more