Who Won the Red Dot and iF Design Award 2023

Snapmaker, a tech company that develops, designs, and manufactures 3D printers and also provides software solutions in 3D printing technology, has won the Red Dot design award and iF design award 2023 for their two products i.e., Snapmaker Artisan and Snapmaker J1. The award is given for the innovative design of the products. A total of 10000 entries were registered in this competition.

Snapmaker Artisan is recently launched a desktop 3 -in -1 3D printer which offers a dual extruder and integrated CNC craving and cutting, laser engraving and 3D printer in one machine. It offers a larger build volume, 200W CNC motor, sturdy design, a laser with a camera for alignment, upgraded software etc. in comparison to the previous model. While Snapmaker J1 is a dedicated 3D printer with the ability to print more complex designs at very high speed. It has the ability to print two separate models with the same or different colours and materials at the same time.

Snapmaker: The tech company

Snapmaker is crowd funded tech company that manufactures and sells various kinds of 3D printers with cutting-edge technologies. Along with that, the company also offers the best desktop 3-in-1 3D printers which are integrated with CNC craving and laser engraving and cutting machines. The company has already won some awards like the CES award in 2020 and iF design award in 2022.

The Red Dot and iF Design Award

The Red Dot Award is a very prestigious international award in the field of design and is given by the Red Dot GmbH &Co.KG. The prize is given in three categories such as design concept, product design and brands and communication design. iF design award also offers international awards in the field of design but the category is large here. Presently, the award is being given in 6 disciplines with a span of 70 categories.

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