First 3D Printed Post Office in India

In India, the first 3D printed house was built in back 2020 and it is located in Chennai. This house was built by Tvasta Pvt. Ltd. and the project was funded by IIT Madras. Now, the 1st 3D printed post office is being built by Larsen and Toubro (L&T) in Bengaluru. This post office is not only the India’s but the world’s first 3D printed post office. Before this, several projects like 3D printed schools, hotels and communities have been completed successfully. The 3D printer used in this construction is named as BOD2 3D printer developed by COBOD company. The COBOD is a Danish company which is leader in developing the construction robot based on 3D printing technology. The time estimated by L&T group to construct this building is 45 days and cost prediction showed 30% to 40% reduction on similar project.

Some other 3D printed houses around the globe are as follows:

  • The first 3D printed multi story building constructed in China in 2014.
  • The first 3D printed house made of biodegradable material built in Italy in 2018 which is also known as Rice house.
  • First 3D printed floating housed developed in Czech Republic back in 2020.

3D printing technology in construction field offers very less time, less space and of course the low cost over time. Due to this reason, it can be very helpful beneficial for developing countries to provide the sustainable and affordable houses for their citizens under welfare scheme.

Due to its cost effective, complex designing capability and time saving properties, the 3D printing technology is being appreciated around the globe. Reports on 3D printing market predicted the global compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 % to 23 % from 2023 to 2030.

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