Disney’s elemental movie character by NEXA 3D printer

Disney’s Elemental movies have been printed and placed at various prestigious places to connect and entertain audiences with Huge life-size models of animated characters. The life-size structure of these animated characters has been developed by 3D-printer techniques. Thanks to Gentle Giant Studios who 3D printed Elemental’s two main characters for promotional events worldwide.

First Kind Prototypes WADE RIPPLE and EMBER LUMEN

It is one of the first-kind prototypes with NEXA3D’s 3D printers which crafted the WADE RIPPLE (a sappy water element) and EMBER LUMEN (a quick-witted fire element). These crafts are unique and different from traditional crafting techniques as these 3D-printed characters are a little bit closer to reality.

Life Size Models of Disney’s Elemental animated characters, Wade and Ember, were first prototyped with 3D printing. Image courtesy of Gentle Giant Studios.

More About Creators

The initiative of life-size 3d printed characters has been crafted by Gentle Giant Studios which has almost twenty years of experience in the field of entertainment and industry. Making this however very challenging but Nexa3D’s XiP Desktop 3D printer created them very accurately and with all the minute information available. This smart printer is supremely able to make such animated characters with fast speed, i.e., the project is completed in 2 days by Gentle Giant. To print such kind of 3D structure, clear resin with high durability and transparency has been used. The prototypes showed off the 3D printing technology’s great potential in the entertainment sector.

CMO of Nexa’s 3D

Nina Swienton, the CMO of Nexa’s 3D elaborated on the continuous efforts and hard work done by artists and designers so that they could be able to create such kind of animated characters in the life-size form. She explained how advanced technology has filled the gap between vision and creation, getting the required products.

 Work's of Nexa3D’s XiP

Nexa3D’s XiP Desktop 3D printer has done a remarkable job to achieve animated characters into life-size models. In future, there is a lot of scope for making such kinds of models that can be utilized in the entertainment industry.

SOURCE: 3dprint.com

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