3D Printed Concrete

As you have read in the previous posts, 3D printing technology is very exciting and have massive application in various field. Another exciting research work is going on in the field of 3d printing which is the development of 3D printed concrete. Imagine a printer could make concrete just by printing to build a villa or beautiful home as per your choice. A team of researchers led by Dr Adel Al-Tamimi, from the American University of Sharjah is working on the 3d printed concrete.

AI-generated image of 3d printed villa (https://www.fotor.com/features/ai-image-generator/).
3D Printed Concrete for Construction Work

For the development of a country, the construction sector plays a vital role and UAE is known for big buildings and shapes on the plane surfaces as well as on the sandbank of the sea. So, Dr Adel Al-Tamimi and their team focused their research on the 3d printing concrete for automating the industry which could improve productivity and sustainability. By using this technology, they are also hopeful that it could improve the speed, customization, and cost of construction.

Initially, their team are developing a semi-automated system for the preparation of composite concrete samples. These samples have undergone various rigorous testing to confirm the quality and hardness of the samples. For the quality checking of these samples, hand extrusion, a common method is used in which material has been shaped forcefully by applying high pressure. Currently, the development of semi-automated systems for 3D-printed concrete is at the laboratory stage.

Dr Al-Tamimi and their teammates are working on multiple projects in the various field of 3d printing and their applications. They have also collaborated with private sectors and government agencies for their work. Dr Al-Tamimi said, “We continue to welcome collaboration with government agencies and the private sector to work on guidelines for the structural integrity, safety and long-term performance of 3D printed concrete to facilitate the widespread use of this automated industry.”

The future of 3d printing in the field of construction seems very exciting however it takes time for the final result !!!


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